Khamisi’s mother is a poor single parent. Having tried educating Khamisi at the local state school she could not afford the extra charges in form of development funds, activities and PTA fund.

Khamisi had to remain at home to help his mother find means to have food on the table.

Going to bed hungry is not a new phenomenon to Khamisi and his mother.

Khamisi has good academic ability and could change the situation of his family if he gets help.




When Raphael was born his mother deserted his father because she wouldn’t withstand the poverty condition at the time.

He and the brothers couldn’t follow their mother and with their father who had to change from being a quarry worker to a water vendor. The father earns barely ksh.200/ per day ($NZ 3.00) and has to feed and take care of three children on his own.

Without help Raphael has no academic future.




Sauda comes from a severely disadvantaged family. Her father is unskilled and looks for casual work. Her mother now aging, washes clothes for various households to at least be able to put food before the family.

When Sauda was admitted to our school her parents couldn’t pay even ksh.500 ($NZ 7.00) per month. Our uniform is the only clothes Sauda has.

She is doing well in her studies. We hope Sauda will be able to find some assistance to complete her education and be able to change the situation in her family.







Grace is the eighth born in her family and with our help she is the only one able to go to school regularly.

The other siblings went to the nearest state school and had to drop out barely after a year or two because they couldn’t continue learning on an empty stomach.

The parents preferred the children go to school when very young but as soon as they can do something they join their parents in fending for food.

A 10ft x10ft square room is what they call a home for the father, mother and their eight children.





Halima is under the care of her aging grandmother who has no job. She was abandoned by her mother after having been conceived out of wedlock.

She suffers from sickle cell anaemia and is constantly under medical care. Severe hunger is not new in their home.

The grandmother is grateful Halima can go to our school




We found Suleiman roaming the street with his mother.

They live in one incomplete house and move to another incomplete house once the owner has completed his house and it is ready for rent to people who can afford it.

Suleiman’s mother cannot afford to pay ksh.500/ ($NZ 7.00) per month even for the cheapest house with no water or electricity available.  If not at our school even one meal a day is not assured.

Suleiman is really a hardworking boy.



Masudi’s parents are affected by misuse of drugs. They are addicts that require rehabilitation and they are quite irresponsible. Masudi is the 4th born in their family and without help Masudi will go same way as his older siblings and parents - drug addiction.

His parents beg for money or snatch handbags or other people’s property and sell them at very cheap price in order to get cash for drugs.

We rescued Masudi at an early age so as to give him education for his future.

If Masudi is not going to be helped, this is another life going to waste.



Kengo’s mother did not have education and he was born when she was 14.

She has no job but relies on washing clothes for people to earn a living.

If he did not attend our school Kengo would not be assured of a meal every day.

He loves school and has shown very good academic ability but needs assistance to continue.



Hassan has a brother and a sister who are not going to school.

He was born out of wedlock and does not know his father.

He was found roaming the street with the mother and would not attend school without help




Hassan is from a severely disadvantaged family. The whereabouts of his father is unknown. His mother is illiterate and has 2 other children. She sells foodstuffs to traditional quarry workers.

Without our assistance Hassan will not have education.