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KES is supported by Educational Aid for International Development Charitable Trust Board (EdAid)

EdAid is Incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 No 2018320 and Registered with the New Zealand Charities Commission No CC10450.

If you are a NZ donor the receipt you receive from EdAid for your donation to KES will enable you to claim a tax credit.




Sponsoring an individual child covers all the costs associated with that child's attendance at school. This includes salaries and administration costs as well as the cost of providing food to those children whose parents cannot afford to provide them with food if they attend school. See here for more information on the cost of running the school.

Sponsoring a child costs $NZ 700 per year - less than $2 per day.

 If you wish you will be provided with regular updates on the progress of the child or children that you sponsor by email, short video updates or Skype calls as appropriate.

The students are excited to receive emails from their sponsors, but this is entirely optional.

See here for typical, short profiles of some of the students. 

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If you prefer, you can make a regular donation to the school rather than supporting particular children.

The certainty of a regular donation means your donations will go towards funding additional children at school in the same way as they would if you sponsored a particular child.  However we understand that if your circumstances change you may have to reduce or cease your donations.

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One-off donations are always welcome to assist with anything from a new classroom block to furniture and text books. Click here if you want to discuss current opportunities with us.


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Every dollar you donate  goes to the school