Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

YES! KES is supported by Educational Aid for International Development Charitable Trust Board (EdAid). EdAid will issue a receipt to New Zealand donors to KES that will enable you to claim a tax credit. EdAid is Incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 and Registered with the New Zealand Charities Commission.  To learn more about EdAid click here.

Has KES been checked out? 

YES! Tony and Merle Ryburn of New Zealand have known Noah since they began sponsoring him to go to school nearly 25 years ago. They first visited Noah at school in 1993 and have worked closely with him since they found out about his project in 2014. They spent several weeks with Noah in September 2015 visiting the school he started, meeting the local people who are seeking to develop it, and seeing first-hand the dreadful circumstances that children in the area face.

Tony and Merle have strongly emphasised to Noah and his team that despite financial assistance from overseas it is, and always will be, their school. This sense of ownership and the contribution by local Kenyan people is important to ensuring that aid funds are efficiently and wisely spent. 

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to check out the school click here and we will help you arrange this!

Are good financial records kept?

YES! A key concern with any project of this nature is to ensure that sponsor money is spent and accounted for properly. However, the risk of any impropriety is far lower for KES than for schools set-up by foreign donors because Noah and his team have committed a huge amount of their own time, and money which they can ill-afford, to establish the school and are very deeply invested in ensuring its success.


Further, Noah, aided by Board member Peter Ruwa, keeps meticulous records of every shilling that is spent which Tony, who was once an auditor, reviews regularly. 


What are the circumstances of children who need my help?

Click here to see short profiles, written by Noah, of some of the students who need sponsorship.


How will my money be spent?

Sponsoring a child costs $NZ 700 per year - less than $2 per day. This covers the child’s education costs of $300 p.a. and food costs of $400 p.a. 

Will my help have other flow-on benefits?

YES! This is more than just an opportunity to give a child living in the most desperate circumstances imaginable, an education they would not otherwise receive. 

Noah gives great emphasis to instilling in his students the message that was ingrained in him during his time as a sponsored child at Starehe. Pupils who receive sponsorship are very fortunate and have an obligation to give back to the next generation. See here to learn more about Starehe.

Tony and Merle know of a number of pupils who have attended Starehe over the years that have done this. As a result, there is good reason to be optimistic that sponsoring children to attend KES will provide exponential benefits as these children grow up with a commitment to use their education to help not only their own families but also the wider community.

How can a child be educated and fed for so little?

The low cost of sponsorship is made possible because 100% of all sponsor money (apart from a 2.9% fee for credit card payments) goes directly to the school, which is operated at minimal cost due to the dedication and volunteering of time by many of those involved with the school.

Unlike many charitable schools that are initiated and developed by overseas donors who regard the school as “our school”, KES was started by local Kenyans without any access to donor funds until Merle and Tony became involved. They give freely of their time but have very limited financial resources and are therefore severely restricted in what they can achieve on their own.

There are many enthusiastic, qualified teachers in Kenya who are unable to get teaching positions because of the lack of schools and because many existing schools can only survive financially by having very high pupil/teacher ratios. 

These unemployed teachers welcome the opportunity to teach at KES for about half the pay teachers earn in a state school. While this might seem unfair, from a Kenyan perspective it offers 3 important advantages:

  1.  It enables aid money to go further and more children to receive an education.
  2.  It provides some income to trained teachers who would otherwise have none.
  3.  It enables these teachers to utilise the skills they have acquired.


YES! As a sponsor you will receive regular email updates on the progress of the child or children that you sponsor. Short video updates will also be available where practical. The students would of course be excited to receive emails from their sponsors, but this is entirely optional. We can also arrange Skype calls for more personal interaction if desired and anyone who feels adventurous would be very welcome to visit the school! Click here if you would like to discuss this.


 Click here to see how you can help.